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Very cute

My daughter loves it

Fun and comfy!

So I ordered my hairacter on Etsy and I love it. I ordered the icy blonde one, but received the golden blonde one instead. I actually love the golden blonde one a lot
Maybe another time I'll get the icy blonde one! In any event, it's super soft and comfy.

So fun, so cute!

We love our Hairacter towels! Super soft and absorbent. My daughter said she likes that it keeps her wet hair from getting her pajamas all wet!

You're never too old to use this hair towel! I love it, great quality, and so soft!

I gave the icy blonde hairacter to my daughter for a birthday gift. She absolutely loves it! She just beams when she sees herself in the mirror, which of course makes me smile, too. I love that she feels like a princess when she uses it. Such a clever concept for a towel!

Love these !! My 3 yr old and 9 yr old love to wear them after baths. They dry their beautiful hair dry, are fun, and doesn’t damage their hair. Would highly recommend for any kid with long hair!

I got my girls (7&9yrs) 3 of them for their birthdays! They LOOOVE them and wear them around even when they don't have wet hair! 😁 Their hair dries so much faster too!

The product was delivered quickly.
It is so soft, comfortable, and easy to put in your hair.
I can’t wait to see what else they make!

It fits everyone in the family. It is soft and easy to use! We love it.

So cute, fun and works just awesome!

Such a fun finish to look forward to in the bath time routine! Can’t wait to give our new “go to” gift for my favorite little friends.